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25 weeks and a Growing Girl

This pregnancy is chugging along nicely now at 25 weeks. Symptoms are currently mild and I have more energy than the first trimester. The hardest thing now is when baby girl wants to be held at the end of the day and my belly complains about the extra strain. Oh well. Must cuddle my girl. […]

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Bath Time

Peanut hated baths the first few months of her life so we ended up taking her in the shower with us. She loved that and would relax…legs spread…classy…lol.   Now she’s started loving baths because she can jump around and grab the shower curtain while she swings around wildly screeching at the top of her […]

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6 Month Thoughts

Peanut is starting to inch out of the 4 month sleep regression and into teething struggles. We’re still struggling with her waking up at least 3 times a night , on a good night, but now that she is in daycare on a busy regular schedule she is going to bed around 8:45pm (ha! that […]

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