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Endless is a mother’s love…


Endless is a mother’s love 

Beyond limits, it grows

She sees us and believes in us

Regardless of life’s Woahs


Her desire for us is happiness

Many Friends, Not any Foes

Experience life fully

Rather than just seeing how it goes


Perhaps her plans and wishes

Are not our cup of tea

She thinks she knows what’s best for us

Not so in reality


A mother’s blessings are potent

No doubt she was sent from above

Despite her perceptions of our joy

Our bliss is in her love  by Gangotri Garg


My daughter at 8 months

471642_10150963778614000_2030321461_oMy mother and her younger sister.

Okayest Mom


Our baby’s first 6 months plus prep time

Looks like this won’t quite show up properly but the link goes to a photo book I put together.

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Changing Pad Wishes

Ug, If I’d had any experience with wiggly babies I’d have gone for a LA Baby Health Care Grade Changing Pad. Her daycare has something like it that does keep her from wiggling sideways off the pad but doesn’t solve the scooting up off the pad. Busy baby is able to turn herself all the way around and flip over while we wrestle to change her. Wasn’t a problem until 5 months and now at 7 months it’s getting crazy! Soon we might just put a king size water proof pad on the floor and let her roll around diaper-less, lol.

Bath Time

Peanut hated baths the first few months of her life so we ended up taking her in the shower with us. She loved that and would relax…legs spread…classy…lol.



Now she’s started loving baths because she can jump around and grab the shower curtain while she swings around wildly screeching at the top of her lungs. I have opted to sit in the tub with her for now hoping for minimal pee 🙂


Introducing solids and Teeth!

It’s unbelievable how time has crawled and sped buy all at the same time over the last 6 months!! Peanut is starting to show interest in solid foods.




Mostly to throw on the floor and to chew on the spoon but I’ll take what I can get!
We started with lettuce throwing! That was super fun times. Next she tried chewing on a baby carrot and frozen sweet potato.

After that we dove into solids, on her pediatricians orders, with with sweet potato puree and green beans. It was fun to watch her watch our reactions as we got her ready for her first foods!


So far she’s tried frozen blueberries in a mesh chew, banana puree and banana pieces, rice Mum-mum cookies, apple sauce and apple pieces, pumpkin banana puree, pumpkin white bean puree, and peach mish mash that we will need to wait to try again when she’s older. The times that we tried rice cereal were a complete flop. No interest in the slightest. Oh well.




Now that my sweet little girl has two little teeth poking through she can work on chewing larger solids like carrots and zucchini. The plan is to try baby led weaning. Hopefully we’ll catch a picture of those cute little teeth but she’s sooo wiggly!


Can you say “ARM-NARM-NARM”?DSC_0124

6 Month Thoughts

Peanut is starting to inch out of the 4 month sleep regression and into teething struggles. We’re still struggling with her waking up at least 3 times a night , on a good night, but now that she is in daycare on a busy regular schedule she is going to bed around 8:45pm (ha! that was before time change) and staying down for the night with dream feedings. (Amazing how different things are two weeks after starting this post).


She’s become so active and curious about everything. One favorite activity has been tearing up kleenex into little pieces. She acts like she wants to eat them but only touches them to her tongue or lips and then pulls it away to examine (this has been upgraded to actually getting pieces in our mouth). Taggie toys are favorites as well as the toy laptops, musical toys and still the bouncer from her grandpa.


She is fully transitioned into her own room now. That was harder for me than for her. She LOVES the butterfly mobile above her crib. They hang on fishing wire and float above her like magic. She’s entranced by them and tries to catch them but they float away when touched.

She went in for her 6 month doctors appointment and as expected we had a terrible night after the round of shots and orals. All was healthy though and we’re proud of our tall skinny baby girl with her large head! 🙂


5 Months

This week my peanut turned 5 months! She’s growing up so fast and I’m so proud of her already. She interacts really well with other children in her daycare and gives great big smiles to her teachers. She even seems to enjoy the car rides in the morning.




Baby Monitors

I just spent the last 15 minutes fiddling with not one but two baby monitors. There should be rules about this kind of thing. One has a screen and one has audio. The one with a screen was a super s’pensive piece of equipment that I JUST HAD TO HAVE and luckily was purchased as a group gift from hubby and my office. The audio stop working after only a few months of minor use.  Of course, the solution was to either return it, which would have left us with nothing at all, or to rush order an audio-only monitor that was relatively cheap compared to the ridiculous monitor setup that I am trying not to regret. We went with the second option. Now that leaves me to fight for electrical outlets and wrangle miles of tangled cords next to my sleeping daughter who will likely wake up about the time I’ve got things plugged in.

Ok, maybe long enough to finish this blog post but still. What is with the crummy baby equipment. Come on! A nifty setup with an IP camera, some free software and a phone app will let me watch my daughter while I’m at work! It seems that the makers of baby products think parents need extra stressors to keep them busy during those free moments when their new bundle of joy decides to sleep for a few wonderfully peaceful seconds here and there.


I think she’s watching me 😉


Don’t even get me started on how much anxiety reading crib reviews caused while pregnant. Can we say soft wood and cute chubby legs stuck between slats?!?!

Anyway, here is a pictures of cute chubby baby.




First Thanksgiving

Last week my mother’s side of the family gathered at my grandparents, baby’s great grandparents, home for a wonderful meal. The meal was catered by Mimi’s which turned out to be a fantastic meal and one I wouldn’t mind repeating. Over the three days there, we had three babies visiting the Great grandparents who were celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. So many things to be thankful for!