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Baby Mason #2 Birth Story. Our new pecan!

August 25, 2014 at 39 weeks. Welcome Baby Mason #2 at 8 lbs 4 oz 20.5 inches by scheduled induction 3 days early.

That morning we woke up early to call the hospital to see if they had room for us. They were full but had a room opening up and was told to call back at 8:30am. We had breakfast and let daughter sleep in. At 8:30am they had an opening so we got daughter in the car along with my hospital stuff and took her to daycare. Her teachers were amazed that I was there and excited that it was “the day”. After dropping her off we headed to the hospital to check in. There was a small wait while someone else was checked in and then they took us to our room, talked to us about the paperwork and got me into a gown. We joked a bit about being there again and how we were in the room next to the one we were in last time. Things got going really quickly with the IV and blood tests….and more blood tests, and paperwork. I had to have (antibiotics) the whole time for positive GBS. At 9:50am my doctor arrived and started a pitocin drip. At noon she came back and broke my water which got things going and upped my pitocin. Contractions really started going. About 2pm I asked for the epidural. I’d planned to get one right away but decided to wait till I started feeling the contractions. Before the epidural I had a snack even though I wasn’t supposed to. After the epidural I wasn’t allowed anything but ice pops and water. Was really hungry till things got painful and then I didn’t really notice. One thing….gas….no control….oy.

The contractions got bad after a few hours and I was crying and holding onto the bed railing while the nurse made comments and was really annoying and pesty moving me around and chatting with James. About 4pm I couldn’t take it anymore and they called the anesthesiologist back to check things. Turns out the push wasn’t working that whole time and my epidural was wearing off so he gave me more meds which ended up being too strong an hour later when I felt like I needed to push.

About 5pm I was feeling the need to push so the nurse called in the team and the doctor was already there checking on me so I got ready and we started having me push. Before that I didn’t think my doula was useful but then I would have loved to have a doula there instead of the annoying nurse that kept wandering off between contractions and telling me how I needed to push. The delivery team came in and I my doctor and I started pushing. I couldn’t feel to push and it was upsetting. I was pushing but William kept pushing his feet pack up into my liver causing muscle cramp type feelings when I pushed. I couldn’t feel to push so we ended up stopping and waiting till things were better.

With the second epidural I couldn’t feel enough to push so my doctor stayed close by till I was ready since her office hours were over. My doctor was much better with me than the nurse and I would have loved to kick the nurse out of the room. It was then that I appreciated my doula last time. She was really there for me rather than just there for the details. Last time the nurse was amazing too so I can’t say it was just because she was a nurse.

Between the first and second pushing my evening nurse came in and it turned out she was the sister of my classmate. That was pretty cool and we ended up talking for a bit which was good to kill time. I wasn’t in the best mood but it was a distraction from the frustration I was feeling that was probably similar to the feeling in transition.

Didn’t really like the forced 3 time pushes per contraction. If I have another definitely want a good doula. Would be worth it for better support and advocating for me. None of my birth plan preferences were followed and James was less supportive it seemed this time because he was more confident I could do it, I think.

Baby Mason #2 was born 10:12pm although his birth certificate says 10:14pm. 8lbs 4oz 20.5 inches, 8/9 Apgar. He pooped on the way out so they had to take him and work all the junk out of his lungs before I could hold him and nurse. They had to cut the cord right away rather than wait like I had wanted so he got the cord blood. Face was turned up so a bit harder to push him out. They were a little worried about him but he recovered well. The NICU nurse checked on us a few times and chatted a bit. While they worked on him my doctor finished delivering the placenta and stitched up my second degree tear. She also did a little cosmetic repair from the last birth tear and a few stitches there. All of it hurt a lot and I cried. The doctor and nurse seemed worried and concerned that I was in that much pain and I couldn’t really say why it hurt that much but it did. I was annoyed that they couldn’t just let me be instead of asking why I was crying. I just delivered a baby and I had a right to feel pain. At least there wasn’t as many pelvic checks after and the ones they did not as painful as the last time.

Sleeping baby toots make me smile.

James stayed with us the first night while friends watched daughter at home. The second night I was on my own with the nurses.

First night went pretty well on sleep and first nursings. Second nursing was worse until Lactation Specialist came to help. Still had trouble once in a while 6 days later but mostly good. He preferred sleeping in bed with us and overall is a good sleeper but better during the day for first 2(?) months. The second night he had terrible gas pains from the poor latch and sucking in air. He cried most of the night and the night nurse kept coming in trying to help calm him. About 2am they took him for his medical exam and kept him for an hour to work on getting some of the gas out. I did ok walking him a bit but it wasn’t easy with my recovering body. Everything was much better than with #1 at least. After her I was dizzy for a few days and didn’t trust myself to go to the bathroom all on my own. This time everything has been easier on recovery with hips setting back faster and feeling more like a normal person again.

Big sister got to meet him at the hospital the next day and “seemed” excited. 🙂