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Our Baby Bean! Birth Story

E arrived a little early, three weeks early, but we have a feeling she was ready to meet the world.  August 31st James and I woke nice and early, 5am is crazy early for us! and called the hospital to check on my induction schedule. Baby had to meet the world early because of a rare condition that I came down with called cholestasis of pregnancy that is a little dangerous for baby.  Baby was being monitored closely twice a week by non-stress tests so we knew she was doing fine but the doctor wanted to be on the safe side and all parties involved agreed.

At 5am we were given the Ok to head to the hospital for a 6am induction which of course we were a little late for 🙂 So we checked in at 6:45am along with a Very in labor lady on the the start of a Very busy full blue moon!

After taking us to our room I was hooked up to monitors and an iv (which I was NOT happy about) and we filled out paperwork (there is Always More paperwork) and then waited around for my doctor to arrive to give me cervidil to get me ready and hopefully start contractions without pitocin. My doctor arrived at 8:45am to give this as well as checked my dialation. I was starting at 2cm and already had a few contractions going. This was going to be a LONG 12 hours.

I spent some of the time working on a sweater for E. No it didn’t get finished….hopefully it will before she out grows it. (Sweater was finished but never got buttons, oh well)

James was super supportive getting me water and entertaining me when I needed it. Thankfully he’s also self entertaining and read a book on his phone the rest of the time. Can we say boring? Around 11am the day  nurse, Barbara or Eve or Amy (can’t remember now), said it was safe for me to take a walk around the unit without the iv. Freedom! It’s really not the easiest thing to drag a pole to the bathroom with you. After a Very short and what seemed ridiculous walk around the circular hallway we headed back to our room where they decided baby wasn’t happy about the walk and that I would need to stay in bed on the iv. Bah! Well actually I was mostly ok with that cause walking was uncomfortable.

At the end of 12 hours the disappointing news came that “no the cervidil had not done anything” and my contractions were not doing the job. The nurse called my doctor and by 11:30pm I was on a pitocin drip on low. WORST PAIN EVER. The plan was that it would take all night to do its magic. 35 minutes later my water broke and an hour later I was in desperate need of an epidural. No one really talks about how weird having your water break is. There was a little trickle that gave me pause. James was just about ready to leave the room, I can’t remember if he was going to head home for a nap or out to get more water but that put it to a halt very quickly when the gushing started. There were at least two big gushes and we got the nurse in to clean me up. About that time I thought maybe it was time to call my doula. She was happy to hear my water broke but I got the impression she was a little too out of it to figure out I was ready to have her head down to the hospital without me saying so and then the nurse came in and needed me to get into the bathroom so I left the conversation on limbo. 1ish 3cm 80% -1. There is a reason people say get an epidural if you get pitocin. It’s Terribly painful really quickly.  After a freakishly long hour wait while the anesthesiologist finished up with his previous patient, did I mention it was a busy day?,  he came in to see a wild eyed me doing “ba ba ba’s” with James and us both getting light headed. My hands started getting numb and the nurse said I was breathing too fast and to slow down. She took over for a few minutes to help regulate the pace and give James a break.

1:36am started epidural. The nurse had James sit on the couch while she took over keeping me calm during contractions. I was given a pillow to lean over as I sat on the edge of the bed holding onto the nurse so my spine was “open”. There was three cleanings and a couple pokes and some weird cool/pain in my spine. After that the pain started getting less and my right leg went completely numb and heavy. Apparently the needle was a little to the right so the left side wasn’t getting as much medication. 2:10am epidural done. 2:20am 4-5cm. 100%. 0 station.  The epidural helped for about an hour where I could get some sleep and then the contracts were very much felt in the left side of my abdomen. After pushing my pain drip button several times for extras the anesthesiologist came back and asked if I wanted him to redo it.   I thought about it for a minute while he tried to explain what was happening and then decided that I really did need it fixed because the pain was getting back to intolerable. 4:40a redid the epidural. First one was too far to the right. That  was a super easy painless fix since I was numb back there already and we were able to rest a little before the nurse came in about 5am saying that the baby was in some distress and that I needed to move so she wasn’t hitting her head/chest on a bone every time I breathed.Fun fact, E arrived with a nice bruise/spot on her forehead.  I ended up on my back with E getting ready to exit. 5:10am 6cm.

I got ahold of the doula again and she rushed down to the hospital wondering why I hadn’t got her down there sooner. Really, there didn’t seem any point with us sleeping. At this point, though, neither of us wasn’t sure if she would make it in time with baby in distress. 6:20am fully dilated 0 station. The nurse was going to have me start pushing if things didn’t improve but they did and we waited till I was fully dilated and she was low and ready. 7:45a +1 station.

8am, I thought the doctor would be there for this part but it seems the nurses do most of the work and just get the doctor in right before baby arrives. I pushed for about 40 minutes and then was told to STOP because the doctor was busy in a c-section and we had to wait for her. That didn’t work out well. I got through two contracts and then was told I could do mini pushes, that didn’t work either. The nurse finally said she could deliver the baby and I went for it. E arrived at 8:56am thirty seconds before the doctor arrived.

I was so tired near the end I probably could have fallen asleep between contractions if it wasn’t for the pain and James on the left leg and the doula on the right leg and the nurse down below urging me to keep going.

E arrived crying before she was even completely out! That’s our overachiever. She was all fuzzy and covered in white junk with these beautiful long expressive fingers, 7lbs, 21 inches. James kept telling me, and still does, how impressed he was with me. It was an amazing experience for both of us. He said he didn’t want to tell me what her head looked like but did later, like a baby chick with feathers.