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Comparing the Belly

Week 20, Week 11, and Week 6.

Nothing glamours here but it’s harder to see size differences with a baggy shirt in the way.

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  1. Posted by Pauli Smith on April 30, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Hi Cheryl. A well-known poet friend of mine shared one of her poems with me today. Since it is so on topic, thought I would pass it on to you. Aunt Pauli


    Being a duplex
    I have been happy, my dear,
    To loan you half the house
    Rent-free and furnished
    As best I could.

    You have been a good tenant, all in all,
    Quiet, yet comfortably there
    Tapping friendly on the wall.

    But I hear you have outgrown the place
    And are packing up to move.
    Well, I will miss the sweet proximity.
    But we will keep in touch.
    There are bonds, my dear
    That reach beyond a block
    Or a mile or a hemisphere
    Born of much love and labor.

    I approve the move
    And gladly turn from landlady
    To neighbor.

    Carol Lynn Pearson

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