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Archive for March, 2012

Week 15 and Early 16

All week I’ve had a lot of tickles and itches and pressure on my right side. My guess is that baby is growing and pushing everything up out of its way. My reasoning is the weird flash nausea that started at the beginning of week 15. Still no picture update but week 16 will definitely […]

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Baby Knits and Week 14

Week 14 I agreed to to partake of Inn n Out…it’s become by favorite obsession, pickles and meat and a chocolate shake. What more could a prego girl want?!? Oh, celery for some weird reason. Other fun things was finding baby on our home doppler. I got to hear baby at my 2nd doctors appointment […]

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Week 13

This week I’ve had a ton more energy than before but managed to pick up a pesty cold. To celebrate feeling better I had my hair cut and went shopping for maternity clothes! Friday hubby and I went for a short walk and I asked him to take a few photos 🙂 He always makes […]

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