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Week 10

One minute I am feeling wonderful and great and the next I’m back to debilitating nausea. It seems that fatigue makes it worse so I’m trying to get more sleep. Last night I slept for a total of 11 hours. There seems to be a flaw in my theory though because this morning I feel just as craptastic as I did last night.

My belly seems to have popped out already. Leaning over it seems to squish things and again cause nausea. I can’t win.

An interesting side development was my desperate craving (I think it was a craving) for steak! Getting down protein or just about anything has been a challenge so I’m happy to finally feel excited about any kind of food. Beef has not been on my list of foods for years so it seems weird to crave it but I’m going with it for now.

Last Friday, back in week 9, I finally had my rescheduled first appointment. They did another ultrasound so we got to see baby again!

The doctor said all looked well. 🙂